Monday, June 15, 2015

acne treatments Urine Effectively treat the face

Acne Treatments London-many consider that dirty urine. However, urine it can to treatskin problems. Treatment with [urinalysis] (/2144565) is more powerful than anycreamAcne on the face often makes women feel disturbed. A variety of ways such as usingtried tea tree oil and serum. But, nonetheless it is not acne is gone in an instant. Dareyou try rubbing the urine itself to face in order to remove acneOne author claims, applying urine to the face is very effective for treating skin problems.

In writing In Your Own Perfect Medicine works Martha Christy outlining scientific evidence explaining the urine therapy or urotherapi originated in Ancient Egypt, China, and IndiaChristy says, the urine has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Urinalysis can help improve the body's immunity to disease. According to Christy, to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections, keepapplying enzyme, vitamin, and mineral-rich fluids.

Not only for the skin, nutritional health consultant, shows that drinking urine watercan improve your health. Christy refers to JW Armstrong who fast with its own urinenya and water for 45 daysand recommend massaging themselves with urine. Even using urinalysis formeneteskannya to the eye and ear.

Further, Urine bath Christy, is also beneficial. He was referring to the women whobathe in urine of the 18th century in France. "I'm serious, it's like an antiseptic urine," he said as quoted Mailonline, Wednesday (21/1/2015).

However, according to Christy, urine is not promoted in the health world because it is free.
The trend Mix Urine in United Kingdom The Telegraph, writer Rebecca Reid says, mixing of urine into the cream her face into a trend of healthcare in the United Kingdom. He says, a friend of his was told to use it astopical by people in the Ashram, India.

"They originally led us to mix some of our urine into the moisturizers we carry. I justput it into my Nivea. And it was amazing. My skin is so soft, Acne Treatments "he said.