Monday, January 31, 2011

VIEWER'S DISCRETION ADVISED: Tracy Morgan Goes Over the Line When Talking About Sarah Palin During Pre-Game Show

When you invite Morgan on live air for an unscripted interview, you are asking for trouble. When posed the question, "Who do you think is hotter, Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?" this is what Morgan responds...

LOL, also take a look at how uncomfortable this makes the guy on the left feel. (YES, the white guy)

Washington Resurrects the "Internet Kill Switch" Bill After Egypt Shuts Down Their Internet

Stay informed and help keep the internet free!

Read about it HERE

Man Sues Because He is Deprived of Facebook

This is ridiculous. This guy named Mustafa Fteja (yeah, try saying that 10 times fast) is suing Facebook because his account got deleted. Facebook claims he violated the terms of Service. The Albanian (probably a terrorist and the reason they booted him off of FB was because he was making terrorist threats or something) is suing because without Facebook, that-guy-whose-name-is-too-hard-to-spell is being "alienated...from his family and friends". He's suing for $1500 per FB friend which amounts to about $500K.

Seriously dude? Just make a new account or something. Don't waste everyone's time with this. It's not that hard getting all of your friends back.

9 Seconds of FAIL

This video is only 9 seconds long, but it will give you more than that many seconds of laughs. These drunk idiots at a bar soaked a bunch of bar tables in hopes to make a what, a slip-n-slide? I'm not entirely sure, but they fail HARD and it's hilarious.

What's Going On In Egypt?

Protests started on Tuesday, January 25, when -- inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia -- thousands began taking to the streets to protest poverty, rampant unemployment, government corruption and autocratic governance of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled the country for 30 years. These were the first protests on such a large scale in Egypt since the 1970s.

For more info, check out this site [copy and paste only; link function is still not working! >:( ]


I don't even know what PETA does anymore. I thought they were the anti-fun-loving group that doesn't want you to eat meat, but apparently they're into "Veggiephilia".

In 2009, PETA offered NBC $3 million to run a Super Bowl ad called “Veggie Love”, which featured sexy ladies hanging out with vegetables and a message that “vegetarians have better sex”. NBC politely declined. This year's spot highlights some of the outtakes from that video. Here's a first look at it. It's pretty intense.

Music On Monday: 'In Order To Work Together, We Must Dance Together'

More stuff to brighten up your dull Mondays! The Gregory Brothers, the same guys who made the "Auto Tune The News" videos just came out with a new video. In this video, they auto-tuned Obama's State of the Union Address to the tune of Sean Kingston's "Replay". I must say, it is absolutely amazing.

Made Me LOL: YouTube Sucks at Closed-Captions

This should brighten up your Monday. You know that little button on the bottom right hand corner of YouTube videos? It says "CC" which stands for "Closed Captions". If you click the "Transcribe Audio" setting (still in BETA stages for good reasons) you can sometimes get some wacky results. Well these two guys put that captioning system to the test, and here are the epic-failure results.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Most Amazing Pizza Ever Made

Ever heard of Epic Meal Time? They're a Canadian group on YouTube that makes the most fattening, calorie-packed, and amazingly-awesome food I have ever seen. This is their first video--where two men create an epic pizza " an attempt to take their tastebuds on an incredible journey."

31 Legged Race

A bunch of Chinese kids strapped themselves up for a 31 legged race and run at full-speed across a basketball gym. This worries me. If they can get this organized for a feat that was just for giggles, immagine how organized they'll be when they invade the USA.

EDIT: Actually, I think this race was in Japan. Further online reading states that there is a 31 legged race contest that schools compete in. I think it was Attack of the Show that misled me into thinking it was China.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday is now "Incredible Edible Sports Friday"

From now on, all of my Friday posts will be sports posts. Below are some of the most impressive sports videos of the week.

For All of my Fellow "Kick-Ball" Fans Out There

This video was sent to my by a friend. Meet Neymar Santos, a talented Brazilian futbol/soccer (whatever you call it) player who is destined for greatness. Watch this amazing footage and see how he handles the ball.

Shout out to Willie D for sending this to me.

Rugby Ball Rejected by the Wind

At this rugby match, the wind is so strong that it knocks the ball back onto the pitch after it goes between the bars in this field goal attempt.


Trampoline dunking has become a staple for basketball half-time shows around the United States. Well watch as this acrobat catapults himself a little bit too far, but pulls off one of the most EPIC WINS in sports history.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumors and Commentary about the HALO MOVIE

A few comments on forums and on YouTube state that the production of the Halo movie is back online. IMDB (for those who don't know, the Internet Movie Database) says the film will come out in 2012.

According to rumors online, the film is to be directed by Peter Jackson (the director of The Lord of the Rings) and Zack Snyder (director of 300) on the colab. Denzel Washington is rumored to play Sargent Johnson (which would be incredibly awesome) and Kane, the wrestler, is rumored to play the body of Master Chief. There has been no word on who is going to voice Chief, but odds are, Jackson and Snyder are going to get Steve Downes, the iconic voice of Chief from the video games.

Recent history tells us that movie adaptations of video games don't ever turn out good, however, I have high expectations for this movie. One of the biggest worries I have for the movie adaptation of Halo is that the film will not be faithful to the source matterial. But seeing how Peter Jackson remained fairly faithful to The Lord of the Rings I think it is safe to say that he will do so with Halo as well. Zack Snyder's input will hopefully benefit the film, as he can provide the over-the-top action that this movie absolutely needs.

The idea of the Halo film was originally pitched in 2005. The first script was written by Alex Garland. 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios decided to partner to produce the film, paying Microsoft $5 million to option the film and 10 percent of grosses. Peter Jackson was originally supposed to be the Executive Producer and Neill Blomkamp was assigned the roll of director. In 2007, Blomkamp announced that the film project was dead. Peter Jackson took the Halo project and turned it into District 9. Frank O'Connor, formerly a Bungie employee (the studio that made the Halo video game), now working for 343 Studios stated that "...the movie would be made at some point." I guess that "point" is now.

Who Knew Hitler Could Rap?

"Little known fact: [Hitler is] dope on the mic." Watch this creatively epic rap battle between two of the most infamous bad guys in history--Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader.

Shout out to Cousin Stef for finding this video.

Michael Bay on Steroids

The following video is a 10 minute collection of clips from Bollywood's most expensive movie. It is the most ridiculous action movie ever made. This is the Indian Terminator. The Chuck Norris of Brown people. Just watch it and you will know what I am talking about.

If You Laugh at This Video, God Will Never Forgive You

Things go wrong while a Dad plays connect and his kids watch.

Embedding has been disabled by the user, but you can watch it in YouTube.
^Copy and Paste that into adress bar.^ Link function is not working. Don't know why.

Moar From Soviet Russia

So apparently, this guy thought it would be a good idea to lie down on train tracks and see if he could fit under a train while it rolls over him. And HE FILMED IT! WTF? Russians? What's up with you and your upside-down cars and your crazy people?

In Soviet Russia, You No Park Car, Car Park You

I'm calling fake on this one, unless someone can explain for me WTF happened in this parking fail.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Classic Car Does Sick Burnout

WTF? (or if you prefer spanish, ¿QLC?)  Was this car wired by Doc Brown?  It does a burnout so hard that it sets the ground on fire!  Then it disappears into a cloud of smoke as if it went back in time or something.

Classic Car Peel Out Leaves Flames On Road - Watch more Funny Videos

MODERN WARFARE 3 NEWS: Developing Studios Update

Is this 4-realz?  They couldn't decide which studio should do Modern Warfare 3, so they instead decided that everyone should make the game?  I don't see this working out too well.  The game studios will get into disagreements with each other during the game design and production, and the game will suffer from lack of cooperation. You know how the saying goes: "There are too many cooks in the kitchen."

Modern Warfare 3 being produced by 3 studios, an expert claims

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 16:28
Activision's Modern Warfare 3 title is being produced by three different studios, it has been claimed.

The blockbuster publisher has sought the assistance of Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and the franchise's creator Infinity Ward, with Sledgehammer delaying one of its own projects to work on the title, according to Develop.

Raven Software has also postponed one of its own titles in order to apply time to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer mode. It is uncertain whether the title will be released in time for this Christmas, but an announcement is expected this year.

This news comes after the Dutch infograph company Spijkermat revealed that players of Call of Duty: Black Ops kill an accumulated total of 323 million online opponents every day.
The figure exceeds the entire population of America, with 28 million virtual foes being killed by a headshot and 2 million stabbed in the spine.


I don't know what country these commercials come from, but they are absolutely hilarious.  Apparently, if you decide not to buy or eat Panda Cheese, a creepy panda will appear and f*** you up.  It's almost like this panda is some creepy stalker pedofile.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Ops 'Cat Daddy Dance'

Machinima artists got together on Xbox live and made this great music video to the incredibly-edibly horrible club dance song, 'Cat Daddy'.  I can totally see this catching on with the club-dancing croud.

The Incredible Edible Knuckle Sandwich

This kid is filming a tutorial on how to make a sandwich (HAHA, I guess he doesn't have a girlfriend to do it for him :p) and his brother walks into the shot.  Check out what happens!