Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumors and Commentary about the HALO MOVIE

A few comments on forums and on YouTube state that the production of the Halo movie is back online. IMDB (for those who don't know, the Internet Movie Database) says the film will come out in 2012.

According to rumors online, the film is to be directed by Peter Jackson (the director of The Lord of the Rings) and Zack Snyder (director of 300) on the colab. Denzel Washington is rumored to play Sargent Johnson (which would be incredibly awesome) and Kane, the wrestler, is rumored to play the body of Master Chief. There has been no word on who is going to voice Chief, but odds are, Jackson and Snyder are going to get Steve Downes, the iconic voice of Chief from the video games.

Recent history tells us that movie adaptations of video games don't ever turn out good, however, I have high expectations for this movie. One of the biggest worries I have for the movie adaptation of Halo is that the film will not be faithful to the source matterial. But seeing how Peter Jackson remained fairly faithful to The Lord of the Rings I think it is safe to say that he will do so with Halo as well. Zack Snyder's input will hopefully benefit the film, as he can provide the over-the-top action that this movie absolutely needs.

The idea of the Halo film was originally pitched in 2005. The first script was written by Alex Garland. 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios decided to partner to produce the film, paying Microsoft $5 million to option the film and 10 percent of grosses. Peter Jackson was originally supposed to be the Executive Producer and Neill Blomkamp was assigned the roll of director. In 2007, Blomkamp announced that the film project was dead. Peter Jackson took the Halo project and turned it into District 9. Frank O'Connor, formerly a Bungie employee (the studio that made the Halo video game), now working for 343 Studios stated that "...the movie would be made at some point." I guess that "point" is now.

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