Thursday, April 7, 2011

UNSTOPPABLE----What a total LIE!

This last Friday, I saw Unstoppable-after many a peep gushed over this said show for months/weeks. Not gonna lie, it did hold my attention for a good hour and a half. I was freaking out after attempt after attempt failed to STOP THAT TRAIN! I was feeling for the 2 main characters, yearning for the uber smoking Chris Byne to heal his beautiful foot, and for Denzel to get a fat bonus for saving the city of Scranton from chaos and toxic crap.

Throughout the entire show, I thought to myself,
Well, I decided to do some research....these are the facts:
  • the unstoppable train actually occured in OHIO.

  • the idiot who jumped off to change the track at the beginning, and set the train to cruise-worked there for 35 years prior. He wasn't some chubby new guys making a boo boo. And guess what? He wasn't fired.
  • There was no actual duo that saved the day. There was 1 dude that stopped the train, and the train wasn't gonna crash into anything--it was just going forever and ever.

  • There was no horrible boss guy threatening to fire anyone/girl transportation director who was rewarded for doing nothing (the only thing I WAS happy about after I found out that my exciting train ride was super over hyped in the movie)/awesome truck driver with ponytail.
  • The train was stopped by another train (there was SOME truth, but no one got on until the train was going only 11 mph) No jumping on, no car chases along the train.

  • The train was only going 70 mph, not 80...I feel like that is significant difference (be it only 10 mph less) there were 47 cars, and only 22 cars had anything on it--a few being the toxic stuff.
THE MORAL OF THIS STORY, HOLLYWOOD IS---DON'T SAY 'BASED ON A TRUE STORY" WHEN IT REALLY WAS INSPIRED BY SUPER PATHETIC NEGLEGENCE. You broke my heart, I was really thinking this was similar in truth to Secretariat, King's Speech, Seabiscuit, and Walk The Line.
TEAR- I still love you Chris Pyne. You're pretty.

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