Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Cageside Seats Expose: Taylor, Dixie and PWI as TNA's Propaganda Arm

"Resigned"... yeah, good one
Via Cageside Seats

S. Bruce is back again with another piece on TNA, this time talking about the "resignation" of Terry Taylor. It's an interesting read, as they all are. Basically, it confirms that Taylor was fired, the call came from Panda Energy, basically showing that Dixie's influence over the company is waning (Taylor was one of Dixie's closest confidants) and that Panda is getting fed up with the lack of worker safety concern. Taylor has been named in several lawsuits against TNA.

Also noted in the column? Yeah, turns out PW Insider, your favorite spyware-riddled site and mine, is the propaganda arm of TNA:
Why would some reporters be unwilling to reveal the full story? Well, readers should bare in mind that these reporters often have sources to appease in these company, one of which was heavily rumoured to be Taylor himself. There people are, obviously, out to paint the company in the best light possible. Indeed, I noted that when Daffney announced her lawsuit, few reporters said flat-out, "they didn't pay her bills", which was obviously they case. It was just worded as "there were issues brewing over how her injuries where being taken care of." Strange way of putting it. Why not just say they werne't [sic] paying her bills and that's why she was suing? When I noted my suspicions about certain writers, one TNA person insisted to me: "Yes..PWI are in the pockets of TNA. Taylor stooges information to people like Rob Feinstein and PWI all the time. Mike Johnson gets all his information from Jeremy Borash. They settle their little burns with people by passing information along. Eric Bischoff also passes information along...I can tell you, there's a great deal of information that never saw the light of day. The sheets only know what management want them to know." Want to why it took so long for the talent mistreatment issues to come out? Well, there's at least some of your answer.
Yep. So, keep that in mind the next time you want to believe something about TNA when it comes from PWI.

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