Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whither The Miz (Hint: He's Gonna Be Just Fine)

He's AWESOME and will be just fine
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So, as with anytime someone not named Randy Orton, Undertaker or Triple H loses to John Cena at a PPV, the outcry begins anew. Oh, so-and-so got buried! Why can't Cena put anyone over! That's it for what's-his-face's heat! While this whining has been proven wrong more than once, it was out in full force again after The Miz lost to Cena at Over the Limit. Granted, the way in which he lost - easily to a couple of John Cena's signature moves after Miz spent the first 20 minutes of the match uncomfortably destroying him with Alex Riley's help - sounds pretty lopsided and heat crushing. On the surface, it makes Miz sound and look like a chump, but a lot of results make the losers sound and look like chumps. It's wrestling; not everyone can look 100% strong all the time.

Honestly, you can point to a fundamental flaw in the structure of how the WWE books main events involving Cena (or at this point Orton or any main event babyface... oh wait, I just named the only two they have) and I'd agree with you. They need to overhaul how they book those kinds of matches. It's been a broken record with me for years now, and I imagine it'll continue to be a broken record until something drastic happens in the front office. That being said, I'm over complaining specifically about people being buried. Why? Because they're not being buried in most cases.

It's true that bad booking can sink some wrestlers. The Miz is not "some wrestler". He's a heat generator. He could keep warm in the middle of deep space with the heat he can produce. He's over and got himself into the main event scene for a reason, and it wasn't just because McMahon wanted him to be there. The front office wanted more than a few people to get there, and if you notice, they don't really have all that great a success rate. That's why I'm not worried about Miz, nor should you be.

It's all about the follow up and the stage that Miz will get in the future. He got promo time on RAW, a good chunk of it. The peanut gallery cried "DEMOTION! HE'S WORKING WITH RILEY!", but I saw it more as a fresh start for A-Ry and a close to a story. In fact, the reason why the segment was done was probably to help Riley get a rub himself from how much the crowds HATED The Miz. Judging from the reactions that he got in kicking his former mentor's ass all around the ringside area, it was a great success.

I guess the main thing I'm saying is that yes, the WWE handles booking of heels as ham-handledly as you can get sometimes. That being said, there are guys you need to worry about and guys you don't need to worry about. Miz is one of the guys you don't need to worry about. As long as they give him a microphone and a chunk of time to talk, he'll be over, regardless of how "weak" he's made to look.

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