Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Legacy: The Feud

Yes, please.
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When Legacy broke up, I was convinced that Cody Rhodes would be a bit player in the WWE until he left for acting or something like that and that Ted DiBiase would be the next big thing. I was initially wrong about both. Rhodes has shocked and amazed me, and he's turned into one of the brightest prospects in WWE. DiBiase, conversely, has disappointed since his split from Rhodes and Randy Orton. You could argue that he didn't get much help from Creative, but at the same time, more than a few people have noticed a lack of spark from El Hijo del Hombre del Millones de Dólares.

While some have completely soured on Ted Jr., I certainly have not. I still see something in him that projects as a good hand in the future. I mean, he never really was a bad worker. Even in his doldrums, he was having good matches with guys such as Goldust and Daniel Bryan. Yeah, yeah, I know, a sack full of wet dog shit could have good matches with those two, but again, it didn't seem to me like DiBiase was being carried. It was in his character and promo delivery that didn't connect with people. After seeing him put in some good work on the stick between his debut and the Legacy stable's demise, I was disappointed and a bit surprised at the malaise shown by DiBiase. A change of scenery could do him well, I thought.

Well, he got the nominal change in scenery by moving to the Blue Brand, and right out of the gate, they paired him with his former tag partner Rhodes. The way things have been going the last few weeks, it looks as if DiBiase may get a face turn out of it as well. Talk about a makeover.

If he does go face, what better opponent could he have in a feud than his former partner? Rhodes has evolved so much in the last year that now he's a Charizard and knows Flamethrower he's become one of the best, if not the best, promo in the WWE. Of all potential feuds that sit in front of me right now as a viewer of Smackdown, that's the most tantalizing. Not only would it be a chance for Teddy Jr. to be reinvigorated as a character, but I think there's a good story there. You've got the dynamic between a tag team that split up to differing results. You've got daddy issues going on (Cody's complicit acceptance of his father's dastardly deeds as opposed to Ted's refusal to accept help from his father). Orton could get woven into the fray, especially if there are plans to inject Ted as a cog in a future Orton/Rhodes WHC feud.

Given that Smackdown also seems to have a better (slightly better albeit) track record of developing sub-main event feuds, I have high hopes for this. They have big plans for Cody Rhodes it seems, and I do think that they want to salvage DiBiase. It's not really all that out of the ordinary to think this feud could deliver if it happens.

But man, I hope it does happen.

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