Monday, May 9, 2011

The Original Sneaker Pimp.

Jerry Seinfeld is funny.  His comedy transcends generations and remains relevant.  The last Seinfeld episode aired in 1998, I was 12, so it's inaccurate to say that I grew up on Seinfeld, but because it dominated pop culture during my youth, subconsciously, I was subjected to quite a bit of Seinfeld.  I fell in love with the show when I started University and had more free time on my hands.  TBS aired gaggles of  re-runs and I watched at least an hour of Seinfeld every day. Jerry Seinfeld also has a ridiculous sneaker game.

I can pinpoint when and where my shoe fetish began. My parents were in Lake Placid and came home with a pair of Black Nike Air's. Nothing exclusive or limited about these shoes, but to me, they were the sikkest sneakers I had ever laid my eyes on. My mom had always kept me laced in the illest velcros as a youngin'.  After my 1st pair of airs were given to me I began dreaming of Nike's and being involved in all my shoe purchases, even if they were being made with parental duckets.  As a kid, even if I wasn't paying that close attention, I was always collecting subliminal pop culture messages and sneakers were slowly but surely getting cemented into my brain by Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.  It wasn't until I started paying closer attention and grew up that I realized the effect these messages really had on me as a kid.

Nonethless here is some of the heat Seinfeld used to rock:

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