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Wrestling Six Packs: Best Entrances Currently/From the Last Year

Triple H with his Viking retainers behind him
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Entrances are standard for every wrestler, but some are more memorable than others. Here are six for current wrestlers or one-off entrances from the last year that are pretty impactful. Note, The Undertaker is not listed here because there's only so many times I can see him hobble to the ring with the lights out. It was impressive in 1996. It was nostalgic in 2005. Now? It's tired to me.

1. Triple H from WrestleMania XXVII

My issues with Triple H are well-documented, but even I can't hate on his big entrance at WrestleMania this past year. Just the visual of all the Viking soldiers coming out, huddling their shields in defensive formation, and then Trips in his destroyer get up... yeah it was pretty awesome to look at.

2. Eddie Kingston

As ostentatious and gaudy as Trips' entrance was is how stark and simple Kingston's is. But it fits him to a tee. Every time I hear the opening flourish going into the gunshot, I get goosebumps. Then you get the War King coming out with his bandana over his face to the hip-hop tinged version of Ennio Morricone's "The Ecstasy of Gold", and it just works.

3. Cody Rhodes

As great and fitting as his "Dashing" entrance was, coming out to the bold but cheesy '80s arena rock and looking into the digital mirror, I think his "GROTESQUE" entrance is better. It's just his character drawn out and put on display, from the hood-up jacket, the newspaper headline Titantron and the guys following him with paper bags to the sour demeanor on his face. Just perfection for his embittered, almost Phantom of the Opera-like character.

4. Alberto del Rio

They captured the opulence of del Rio's character in his approach to the ring. The fine cars, the bombastic pyro, the regal-sounding mariachi music. Plus, it's his mannerisms that make the entrance pop. He's got the scarf around his neck and he's celebrating himself, like, "Hey, look at me! Look at how suave I am!", delicately treading the line, staying on the side opposite of self-parody.

5. Archibald Peck

If you haven't seen Archie's entrance yet, well, you will. Basically, he comes out to a marching band rendition of a Journey song (I forget which one at the moment) and marches to the ring with his valet, Vanessa, in full geeked-out splendor. He gets so into it that you can't help but cheer the guy for it, no matter how dickish he acts after his entrance. It's so gaudy, it's so corny, but it's so awesome.

6. The Miz at WrestleMania XXVII

Was the inflatable AWESOME cheesy? Sure, but who said that wrestling and cheesy didn't go together? That, coupled with the video package set to "Hate Me Now" before and Miz rushing out with the WWE Championship, steely in gaze, with Alex Riley giving him the pep talk of a lifetime on his way out to closing his first of what will most likely be many WrestleManias, was sadly one of the best parts of a disappointing main event.

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