Monday, May 30, 2011

Mavs=Boring. Heat=Exciting.

With the NBA finals gearing up to get started tomorrow a couple of observations must be made.  First off, the Heat are in the Finals, I must admit I'm not surprised and Vegas would agree with me on that. I did not expect to see Dallas in the finals this year and was very disappointed when they molly whopped my OKC Thunder.

You couldn't have two teams that are more different facing off in the finals.  You have the flashy, cocky, chauvinistic Heat against the steady, fundamental,  structured Mavericks.  I'm sure you can probably already tell by the adjectives I used to describe either team who I would rather watch play.  I am in no way shape or form cheering for the Heat, and although I consider LBJ to be the most explosive athlete on the planet, I do not adore him the way I did when he played in Cleveland.

Here is a visual example of either teams style, exhibited by Lebron's top 10 plays in 2011 and dirty Dirks:
I'm shocked Dirk can even dunk, 1, and 2, the last highlight he couldn't even catch the pass.
Lebron is the reason why I love to watch basketball.

I want to be entertained and the Heat bring that Hollywood flair to the court while the Mavericks with Dirk, J Kidd and Peja bring nothing but chest passes and jump shots.  I'm not knocking the Mavs, but if I wanted to watch their style of play I would just head to the local Y and watch a bunch of old dudes playing in a Mens league.  My pony is no longer in the race we call the NBA playoffs, so now all I want to watch the pony with the most flair.  Whether that pony wins or loses I'm impartial, as long as I'm dazzled on the way to the finish line.

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