Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Changed My Mind on the Finish to Last Night's Main Event

Brilliance in action
Photo Credit: WWE.com

In my instant feedback post last night, I intimated that I didn't like the finish to the main event tag match last night. There was no reason for Bret Hart to get physically involved in the match, I thought. It was bad storytelling because the faces shouldn't need those kinds of shenanigans, and Hart didn't have the history with CM Punk or R-Truth to get involved, I thought.

I thought wrong. Looking back on the match, CM Punk totally had it coming, and it was a brilliant bit of in-match storytelling that was really, really rewarding and satisfying.

If you didn't notice, Punk was artfully goading Hart all match by doing every single one of his five moves of doom (Russian leg sweep, second rope elbow, etc.) all the way up to teasing putting Rey in the Sharpshooter. He was foiled and used the attempt at the hold to gain another devious advantage, but by this time, Hart had taken enough disrespect. When it came time for Hart to levy the revenge for his disrespect, he did. It wasn't "fair", but then again, who could blame Hart, a grumpy old man who was being mocked outright, for not being able to hold back?

Now, I know what some people might say. There's no way a referee should blatantly interject himself in a match! It's not realistic! Well, nuts to that, because this was one of the situations where the beauty of pro wrestling - how it marries together the world of real sport and staged theater in a way where the latter can make something otherwise totally implausible work within the context of the former - shone through beautifully. Just another reason why I'm glad that Bret Hart was able to make peace with Vince McMahon and why CM Punk is just the man.

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