Sunday, May 29, 2011

WWE Raids Mexico Again

Via the LuchaBlog

Averno, one of the hottest rudos in CMLL, signed with WWE, following in the footsteps of Mistico (Sin Cara) and Dos Caras, Jr. (Alberto del Rio). He apparently signed in secret and CMLL upper management doesn't know yet, which is lulz-inducing if you ask me. News like that makes TNA's management decisions look continuous and coordinated. Anyway, according to LuchaBlog, he'll be coming in unmasked, and also as a hand-picked opponent for Sin Cara. The WWE is reportedly unhappy with their investment and want more "agreeable" opponents for him. Cara, as Mistico, and Averno have a pretty intense history as in-ring rivals in Mexico.

Anyway, this is big news as the WWE continues to look south for talent. Of course, they'd be well-served to look in the American indies for seasoned talent too, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves here.

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