Friday, May 27, 2011

BIG Shake-up to PWG All-Star Weekend Night One

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Mr. Wrestling pulling double duty tonight
No sooner do I get done writing my preview and pimping Shelley/Ki and Tozawa/Edwards as must-see matches than this happens. Low Ki will miss Night One of All-Star Weekend 8 due to an undisclosed family emergency. Therefore, two new matches have been made in the fall out. The first one will pit Alex Shelley against Eddie Edwards in a match featuring one-half of each of the best tag teams in the world today (even if the American Wolves are going through bit of a marital spat in ROH right now).

The second match is one that will rekindle the hottest feud in all professional wrestling from 2010 as El Generico will team with Ricochet, the guy he was scheduled to face originally, against Akira Tozawa and Kevin Steen. Whoa. Talk about making the best of a bad situation. Steen was originally slated to face Willie Mack tonight. Okay, so whither Mack? Well, actually, the Steen/Mack match isn't going anywhere. Yep, Kevin Steen will wrestle twice tonight. Now I'm really jealous.

Anyway, here's hoping that Ki's family troubles aren't so serious and that they get resolved as beneficially for him as possible.

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