Friday, May 27, 2011

Universal Wants to Fight a Futile Battle, Re: Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Via Ringside XCess

Apparently, Universal Studios sent an edict to TNA/Impact about limiting the leaking of spoilers from tapings with threats of banning from the Impact Zone for anyone who uses a cellphone to tweet/leak spoilers as they happen. Apparently, TNA balked at this, but they were talked into accepting the punitive system, which includes a warning for first offenses, 30 day ban for second, 60 day ban for third, 90 day ban for fourth and for a fifth offense, a lifetime ban.

I can understand this issue from both sides, actually. Where TNA is coming from I don't know, but the possible reasons are a) it's impossible to police cell phone use, especially when smart phones are beginning to gain more and more of a market share, b) TNA loves its viral marketing, and what's more viral than spoiler dissemination and c) logistically, it's almost impossible to stop spoilers anyway because people can just tweet them when they leave Universal Studios. Conversely, spoilers can be the bane of any pre-taped program and if they sound bad (whether they play out badly or not can be regardless, but let's be real here, it's TNA), and bad press is bad press. Then again, where is Universal in the picture here? Are they affiliated with Spike? Do they get a cut of TNA's financials? I mean, I think I'd need to know how their relationship is with TNA if they're going to be this concerned about spoilers getting out.

From a realistic standpoint, there's no way this is going to deter spoilers from getting out. I understand the intent behind it, and I can definitely appreciate it. However, no matter what the reasoning TNA has for not wanting it, I think they're unusually prescient in their hesitance. Seriously, you're dealing with mutants who bitch about the product they see for free not being up to their standards. You don't need to give them even more ammunition. It's a logistical nightmare waiting to happen.

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