Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congratulations, Kharma!

Happy happy!
Photo Credit: WWE.com
My wife is currently five months pregnant with our first child, a son. It's a pretty overwhelming feeling, bringing life into this world, but it's a good feeling. So while I can't say I know exactly how Kharma felt last night in the ring, making her announcement to the world, I can say I'm married to someone who does. (Regardless of how equal a partnership men and women have, especially in raising a child, there's no doubt that during pregnancy, the women feel justifiably different because, y'know, they're the ones carrying the kid.)

I think anyone who'd dare to suggest this is a bad thing or something that's ill-timed is misinformed. There's never really a bad time to bring life into this world if you're a gainfully-employed adult. Given that Kharma is getting paid male wrestler money (reportedly) in the highest-profile wrestling company in the world, I'd think she's going to be okay. Given that the WWE gave her mic time not only to pour her heart out but to set up an angle for her return, I don't think they're too concerned about things.

Instead, let's join in wishing her good luck and a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth. Before we know it, she'll be back, stuffing the Bella Twins into lockers and doing everything we love about her in that squared circle.

Oh, and also, another reason why wrestling journalism sucks? The urge to get the scoop was probably impetus for Bryan Alvarez to post that note about Kharma being out for nine months last week, which pretty much kicked off rampant speculation, especially with the "nine months" time frame specifically. Don't tell me that it wasn't intentional either. I want to like Alvarez and Dave Meltzer, but at the same time, both guys do boneheaded shit that make me want to throw them in with the rest of the lot.

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