Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diamond Dallas Page's Tribute to Macho Man and Feud Retrospective

DDP was one of the many guys Savage had epic feuds with
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Randy Savage touched a lot of guys in his time in the business. Yesterday, I posted the Warrior tribute, which was jarring for several reasons. Today, it's Diamond Dallas Page's tribute. Again, it's really unusual to see a grown man come to tears, which Page has to fight back, but it's still very touching and very heartfelt. Page really is grateful for what Macho did for him, and really, that whole feud, which really was one of Savage's last big ones, did so much to make DDP. Here's the tribute:

After the jump, there'll be more videos taking a look at the feud from 1997 between the two, including the infamous DDP-disguised-as-La-Parka match.

Uncensored: The feud begins with the reveal that DDP and Kimberly are married, posed for Playboy and a final attack

Spring Stampede: The first match (3 parts)

I loved the story in the tribute video where DDP was telling the story about how they came up with the finish to the match.

Road to Great American Bash - Savage goes apeshit

Great American Bash: (3 parts)

The Nitro match vs. "La Parka":

Thanks to Matt "Lucius" Jones for finding all these Youtubes and sending me the links.

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