Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warrior's Tribute to Randy Savage

As much as Randy Savage was a part of the good ol' days in wrestling, so too was the Ultimate Warrior. The two had an in-ring history with each other, and Warrior had a lot to say about his friend's passing. I know that he's had a history of being wacky and downright hateful, delusional or despicable over the last decade or so, but this tribute really hit hard for me because I've never seen him so humble or wistful. Like many others, Randy Savage had a profound effect on his life. He shares some stories mixed in with some commentary on how the business changed as well. He recounts the coffee-drinking matches he and Savage would have, and remarks on Savage's handshake. It's pretty weird to see a guy like Warrior on the verge of tears, but hey, if the Macho Man could have that much of an effect on us, the fans, Randy Poffo the person probably had a hundredfold greater impact on his peers and friends.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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