Tuesday, May 24, 2011

George Steele on Why Savage and McMahon Had Heat

George "The Animal" Steele
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Via WrestleChat.Net

It wasn't a bar slap. It wasn't having relations with jailbait Stephanie. It was a feeling of betrayal that kept Randy Savage out of the WWE according to George "The Animal" Steele. On a radio interview with Busted Open on Sirius, Steele recounted Savage's jump to WCW and how McMahon felt about the whole ordeal:
That’s been said a lot of different ways, and there’s been a lot of different things said that are not true necessarily.

I think that what happened with Randy, when his career was winding down with the WWF, Vince McMahon just loved Randy. After all everything Randy had done and he took him under his wing, and he wantedRandy after the ring was over with for him, he wanted him to be our spokesperson. He was traveling with Vince all the time. Randy was almost like a son, they were really tight. And then one day, we were at a TV meeting, and we got word that Randy, without calling Vince, had left and jumped to the WCW. I had never seen Vince McMahon broken before, he was crushed. It hurt him big time and I don’t think he ever got over that. I think that’s the real problem to be honest with you. I heard all this other stuff that I think is garbage when it comes to Randy and relationships with daughters and all that stuff… I don’t think that’s anywhere’s close to the truth.
So yeah, just another case of wrestling rumors gone wild, because I think that if I were going to believe anyone, it'd be Steele. He seems like the honest type, and really, what would he have to gain about his candor?

Honestly, I think it's a shame that the two never fully reconciled if McMahon had that close a relationship with Savage at one time, but then again, it's not like McMahon never betrayed anyone. What could have been...

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