Monday, May 30, 2011

Fair to Flair Quarterly on Sale Now!

Cover art: Leslie Lee III
Via Fair to Flair

Hey, you like reading The Wrestling Blog? And do you like magazines? And do you think that pro wrestling can be written about on a higher level of sophistication? And do you not mind paying for such content? WELL DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!

The Fair to Flair Quarterly is ready for pre-sale. Now, what is the Quarterly? It's a magazine written by the Fair to Flair crew, including for this issue myself, Jason Mann and Razor, as well as a bunch of other talented contributors solicited by the FtF crew. Now, why is there a charge for this? Everything else on the Internet is free! Well, for one, it's a higher level of writing. It's less blog-quality (not that there's anything wrong WITH blog-quality, but yeah) and more "hey look, this is published" quality. Second, it's edited, like with a fine-tooth comb edited by K. Sawyer Paul. Third, well, if you choose to get it on real, honest-to-God paper, then that and the printing costs money.

Now, there are four different options you could go with. First is order the hard copy now or within the next two weeks for $20. Two, you could get it after two weeks for $25. So if you order it now, you'd get $5 off. Three, you could get a subscription, four episodes a year, for $90, which is a total of $10 off if you were to buy each issue piecemeal. Then, the final option is to get the digital copy for $10, which is a bargain, and it's greener! You can read it on your Kindle or your laptop or whatever other digital device you have, and you're saving trees!

So yeah, gobble this up. I previewed it, and it's got some really good articles. Plus one by me about Sean Waltman and King of Trios... but yeah, you knew I was going to write about Chikara in some capacity.

Remember you can contact TH and ask him questions about wrestling, life or anything else. Please refer to this post for contact information. He always takes questions!

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