Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ark Music Factory--A Factory of Crappy Music

You know Rebecca Black's infamous YouTube video, "Friday"? That song and vid is just the tip of the iceberg. Ark Music Factory, the company that produced and wrote the atrocity of a song, has a line up of teen/child artists that are just as terrible, if not worse, than Rebecca Black. Don't believe me? Watch this video. I bet you won't be able to sit through the entire thing.

I truly hope and pray that these so-called "artists" will not ever make it big. If they do, I hope they will find someone else to write their songs, because everyone knows this music is trash. Although there may be some talent present, it is overwhelmed by shallow lyrics that don't flow, and cheap instrumentals.

For those of you who haven't heard, Rebecca Black did not write the song she performed. "Friday" was written by Ark Music Factory, the company that released the video above. I honestly can't blame Black for going with the song. She had some talent and decided that it was good enough for a record label. Unfortunately, she was suckered into a scam; a company aimed at mass producing music; an organization focussed on producing quantity, not quality; literally, a factory for crappy music.

Ark Music Factory set Black up to fail. According to Black, they set aside two songs for her. "[One] was about Adult Love," she comments, "I haven't experienced that yet." So naturally, she chose the other: a song about partying and indecision on whether to sit in the front or back seat of a car driven by her friends (despite the fact that she and her friends are only 13). I honestly don't think she's experienced that either.

On a different note, I love how she says that she hasn't experienced adult love "YET". All I can say to that is, "You'z a HOE!"

Bottom Line: Ark Music Factory is trash. Avoid any products coming out of there like the plague...the Black Plague that is! (hooray for cheesy puns!)

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