Sunday, March 27, 2011

I only listen to White bois.

I don't know how much attention everyone has been paying to the rap game these days, BUT, there is a butt ton of white rappers making serious moves. It's fair to say that within the last few months 50% of my downloads and plays on my ipod have been of white rappers.  Dudes like Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly and Yelawolf have been mainstays in my world.

Being "White Boy Awesome" is now being revered in an industry where being nothing but a Gangster used to be acceptable.  People want authenticity, and these guys are nothing but themselves.   The days of selling records solely because you smoked some fool are done. Music's in a great place right now.

On a side note,  March Madness continues, and the tournament is being dominated by teams with slow non-athletic looking white dudes. Butler, BYU and North Carolina stand up!!!  For the record I have no problem with black people.

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