Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Academy,

I know this is a week delayed, but I have to say it. Just because you wanna 'young it up,' for viewership DOES NOT mean you gotta go and ask Anne Hathaway to host. The YOUTH of America DON'T particularly love her. James Franco, sure he is amusing in such shows as 'Pineapple Express' and 'Date Night,' and random bits on SNL, but hey-if you're gonna ask him to co-host, how 'bout you ask him to SPEAK! Here are some other suggestions of hosts, if you want to attract a younger crowd:
Will Farrell
Steve Carell
Brian Regan
Conan O'brien
Andy Samberg
Will Forte
Tina Fey
Jim Gaffigan
Steve Colbert
Dane Cook
Jack Black
Joel Mchale
...there are more folks! REALLY, THINK ABOUT IT.

The opening skit was amusing for sure...but the next couple hours were pretty horrific....Why?

She is pretty-for sure, and her outfits that night were super fantastic (slim women's tuxedo and crazy-amazing-sparkly platform shoes anyone?). She is capable of acting-sure, her nominations speak for themselves. But that girl cannot host/think on her feet/and most importantly she is NOT FUNNY!!!

Good thing I threw a sweet Oscar party that distracted from some of the lame segways between awards, AND thank goodness 95% of the awards went to people I was rooting for-or I would have been seriously pissed about this year. (It would have been OSCARS 2003 all over again, DDL-you SHOULD have beat Adrian Brody that year! Guh!)

All I can say Academy, is get with the program, and ENTERTAIN us. We are watching for 3 1/2 hours. GIVE US SOMETHING TO KEEP US CAPTIVATED the WHOLE NIGHT!

P.S. Anne H., please don't blow your role in the next Batman like you did last week. I will be seriously pissed!

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