Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily clip--->People Are Awesome. They really Are. Really, I'm serious.

This video has over 20 million hits on Youtube, and rightfully so.  All this shiz is bonkers, my personal favorite is Damien Walters, the bald headed dude flipping over cars.  Dude is bonkers.  Keep your eyes peeled for more videos from him.  AS corny as it may seem, people really are awesome, especially when they can do handstands with 2 digits, mash basketballs into a net with a baseball bat and can wrap their legs around their cranium.  Believe it or not I was not edited into this clip, shocking I know.  If you are a female reading this, or a male, today is female appreciation day so really show your woman you appreciate her. (males frown as would-be blogger extraordinaire tries garner female popular opinion)

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