Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebecca Black Soon to be a Thing of the Past: /b/ is Gearing Up For Action

It looks like 4chan is prepping to do the world a public service.  The infamous /b/ message board has been running amuck with activity lately.  Anonymous has been fitting together a plot code named "Operation Black Friday" - a plan to knock Rebecca Black off the world wide web. reports as follows:
A call to action making its way around message boards reads: "here are some simple orders. 12pm est, start calling the school with all of the numbers and tardy bulls---, fax as many nudes of ANYTHING (girl blowing horse for example) and put rebecca's name on it. at 1pm est DDoS Ark Music Factory. at 3pm est, start requesting her (sorry excuse for) music on the radio"

Some users have already begun gathering and sharing the singer's personal information. A former student at her middle school recently posted the school's address, as well as a map of the campus and a copy of the academic calendar. Other 4channers, meanwhile, have been using social media to unearth the girl's contact information. According to Gawker, the trolls have already come up with a list of six possible home addresses.
The only downside to this entire plan is that Rebecca Black is a 13 year old girl.  We all know that Ark Music Factory is a threat to all things that are good in the music world.  It must be stopped by any means necessary. But the news media may spin this plot in a way that would make 4chan look like the bad guy, since the primary topic is a girl who is soooo young, sweet and innocent.  We've already seen the news media's sympathy for those who are cyber bullied; they would be all over this story, giving our beloved /b/ a bad rep.  This would also deter future efforts for knocking Rebecca Black and her horrible music out.

I say, let Black run her course.  Her music is crap, and she will fall off the earth like all other crappy musicians eventually will.  However, I fully support Anonymous' efforts.  If they are able to dent Ark Music Factory's evil plans to destroy pop music as we know it, then by all means, may they do what you must.

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