Monday, March 28, 2011

Environmental Masturbation revisited.

I am writing this post because my mom wants me too.  Her and I got into a heated argument last night after she read my post about masturbating the environmental friendly way.  Momma Ingalls did not see the irony, satire and pure literary genius it took to construct such a flawless post, but instead could not see past the subject matter of the post.  I say it's all in good fun.  She did not agree.  I enjoi writing about subjects that are typically taboo that everyone partakes in.  I enjoi coupling topics that do not usually get grouped together.  Please, if you feel I am being inappropriate, do not hesitate to voice your opinion and comment on my posts.  In the meantime I will keep the rest of my posts this week PG -----> PRETTY GANGSTER.

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