Saturday, March 26, 2011


August 2008 was a catastrophic month for me.  I was training hard the upcoming football season and was geeked and excited to strap the pads back on and hit the gridiron. Plans changed and I got my shit all caught up in the back wheel of my dirt bike and in the process I broke my leg and Ankle.  I was devastated and have not been the same since. Psych, I'm good, life's good, and what's even better is my quality of life will soon be back to next level quality. (More after the Jump)
4 regular screws, 1 humongoid screw and a plate
Yesterday I had surgery to have these screws and this plate removed from my leg.  It was a wikkid experience because I was able to watch the Doc unscrew a screw that was in my ankle bone and mash off a plate with a mallet because it had begun to bind with my fibula.
2 inches, that's like the length of my un-erect...
I have a bandage on the incisions until Tuesday but once I take it off I will be sure to post the pics for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully they are uber gross, and if they are not, I'll just smear ketchup all over my ankle.

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