Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making your Lunch.

Unfortunately I have a job.  When I am @ work I need to eat and therefore I have a vital choice to make on a daily basis.  How do I allocate my funds?  If you are like me and tend to skimp on "unecessary" purchases such as cafeteria sloppy Joe's...

and instead enjoi consuming goods such as J's and saving to buy Grillz then you find it most economical to make your  lunch @ home.  What a royal pain.  I miss the good old days of University, when after my hectic morning, that began @ 10:30 and ended @ 11:30 I could head home for a hearty meal in front of the TV watching Re-runs of Law and Order and allow my self to be taken into dream land after being hit with the ITIS aka ethnic fatigue.  If you are still in University, enjoi every lunch hour(s) like they are your last.

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