Monday, March 14, 2011

Open Door Policy...

This is probably NOT what you were thinking I was gonna talk about...

Don't worry, I'm referring to the fact that in TV shows and movies--there is something that just TOTALLY PISSES ME OFF, and has for years-- and it pisses me off because it is so easily remedied. And this is two-fold.

One, is when a person comes in after a long day of work in a show, and they open the door and toss their keys on the counter or hang the keys on a hook and then they either DON'T CLOSE THE DOOR, or DON'T LOCK THE DOOR after they walk in. I assume they are about to go to bed or relax, but you never see them shut the door. Yes, the crew will later close the door in the next shot, but they need to let me see them close that DANG DOOR.

In the real world, I am a single white female. My end of day goes as follows: I unlock the door, toss the keys on my table and then I LOCK MY DOOR. Why? I am afraid of getting attacked/raped/my shit get stolen... There are LOTS of reasons. I do what I would hope is totally common for the rest of the public and America in general-locking their doors.

Secondly, in TV shows/movies when a friend or someone comes over, they welcome them in and lead them into the living room or kitchen and the DOOR IS STILL OPEN. WTF? They continue to walk away from the door and never close it...

Take a hint Hollywood, please effing close the door. It gives me a more realistic idea of life in the show, otherwise it makes me think that these actors are gonna get jumped from the back.


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