Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Get Real...Mr. Rogers

LET'S GET SERIOUS FOR A SECOND....we've all seen an least ONE EPISODE of 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' okay. We all love and adore the very friendly and thoughtful-former sniper, Fred Rogers in his greatest role ever. But have we ever really questioned the lifestyle of Mr. Rogers?

My best friend and I have had this conversation on SEVERAL occasions. Let's discuss what happens everyday in his life shall we?

-Mr. Rogers leaves work mid-day to go to his secret other home in suburban heaven, at least it seems like it is not a first home (cause of the furniture and lack of other clothes in his closet) There are only 2 situations where I might be mis-judging him. 1) he is independently wealthy and excentric and doesn't have a job so he owns a second home because he can afford it. 2) he comes home on his lunch break while his wife is at work to make believe

-He changes from his work attire into his one of his many sweaters (to get more comfortable)

-Once he zips up a classic sweater, he then proceeds to change his shoes...if it's your home, and you're about to play make believe with a serious collection of puppets-you would think you may just walk around in your socks or even barefoot? (this is me thinking out loud of course, but I don't often chill in my shoes at home)

-this man is in his 50's and he has a completely secret life which involves puppets

-mid day, his BFF, a mailman, also stops his maile route to chill with Mr. Rodgers and watch educational How-To videos. These are grown men NOT WORKING to hang in the kitchen or watch a show. (DO NOT get me wrong, I loved learning how crayons and cheese are made-fascinating stuff)

-Names of the puppets: King Friday, Prince Tuesday, Queen Sara Saturday, and let us not forget Lady Elaine Fairchild (she always seemed like a witch or an evil enchantress-she was very anti the King cause she was a distant relative and was pissed for living on the outskirts of the kingdom) Plus Elaine had a gnarly red nose and wore a horrible red shirt, whilst the royals wore primo attire

-the other animal puppets are the same size as the people puppets. Yes, Daniel the Tiger is a large animal, but why is he the same size as the owl-this just doesn't make sense. And why does Daniel live in a giant clock?

-random humans visit the puppet kingdom and shoot the shit, as if this is totally normal and they co-exist. I'm sorry, but the humans clearly live somewhere else-THEY COULD NOT FUNCTION in the puppet world-everything is too small.

-the BFF mailman's name is Mr. McFeeley-CREEPIN' MUCH?

-then, once the make believe is over, Mr Rogers changes his shoes and sweater to dress shoes and suit jacket WTF? If he actually lives at this home, he leaves home again for the second time that day and will come back pretending he was at an 8 hour job.

.... the craziest thing about this entire situation is, that this lifestyle was going on from 1968-2001. He was never discovered and got away with it the whole thing.

Wow....HE IS GOOD. God Bless you Mr. Rogers!

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