Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I would like to draw attention to a man who influences the way we think and dress.  Yeezy is fu*kin' up!

I dunno what's up here, not a clue.  Ideally, I would never say Kanye = Hammer, but with the data presented it is impossible to express this equation differently.  As a mathematician you cannot allow your opinion to alter the given data set.  My heart wants this equation to read Yezzy > Hammer-time, unfortunately this is not fact.  I dunno what's going on with one of my style icons but he has been parading around Paris fashion week with some questionable get-ups.  Observe:

I appreciate fashion forward individuals, I just cannot hump this steelo.  White blazer, and leather pants really?  Maybe I'm just hating because I would spill something on a white blazer guaranteed, and leather trousers would have me sweating like its a heat wave.

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