Tuesday, March 15, 2011

'No More Bieber Fever, I Have the Black Plague!'

Here are some outstanding comments made on the "Friday" video by Rebecca Black that made us ROFLMAO:

lol wait is this supposed to be funny or not....

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! ANOTHER MIDDLESCHOOLER SINGING AND DRIVING AROUND BRAND_NEW CARS!!! And ye saturday does come after friday!! -,- im jk.. mad autotune


i dunno rebecca, what seat CAN you take?

Its really awful how many views this has, but it may be my fault because i keep posting it places and singing along with it to make fun of it...

she sounds so enthusiastic when she says "FUN FUN FUN."

Ke$ha for teeny boppers.

justin bieber finally finds herself a boyfriend.


please, gods of youtube. do not make this girl famous

Iz dis real life?

What's frightening about all of these comments is that the majority of them are from people who actually like the song. I pray that this song doesn't start showing up on the radio. It is horrible. It is everything that is wrong with bad pop music.

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