Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newest Music Inspiration-DAFT PUNK

Over the years, my comrades and I have grown to love the musical compositions for movies-SOUNDTRACKS, if you will. And I have loved many in my young life. Some of my favorites-in no particular order, of course:

ATONEMENT-Dario Marianelli

Last of the Mohicans-Randy Edelman

A Beautiful Mind-James Horner

Jurassic Park-John Williams (his earlier stuff is best)

Edward Scissorhands-Danny Elfman (SOOOOO totally under appreciated, might I add)

12 Monkeys-Paul Buckmaster (accordions, who knew?)

Forrest Gump-Alan Sylvestri

There Will Be Blood-Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead

Braveheart-James Horner

Hook-John Williams

...and now to add to my tops list-TRON: LEGACY-Daft Punk!

In the trailer, I thought to myself, 'hey, this music is killa-hope it's in the movie!' Cause as we all know, some soundtracks are re-used for trailer purposes, but are NO WHERE to be found in the actual movie, which is super misleading.
But this soundtrack is a European techno-freak's dream!!! It is crazy awesome. I downloaded it off iTunes just last week whilst I was taking a Corporate Finance test, which inspired me throughout. The next day, I drove to the soundtrack in my car (pumped me up for the day) and while running in 3 mile stints, I also ran to the catchy tunes. Derezzed and End of the Line are my personal faves on the playlist....totally rock my world right now. It truly has SO much to offer ANY appreciator or music....

If you haven't had a listen, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)

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