Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I also listen to Wiz.

This song is ultra bubble-gum, and not an accurate representation of my Man. This is corporate.

This shot on the other hand. HAM.

I may have lied when I said I only listen to white Bois. Actually, I claimed that whitey's consist of 50% of my playlist, which is accurate.  The other 50% has been dominated by Mr. Wiz Khalifa.
 Today Rolling Papers  dropped. Cop this album.  Wiz has grown in leaps and bounds since even just last year.  I remember when I first heard Deal or No Deal around Christmas of 2009 I had no interest in Wiz. I thought, "all this dude raps about is smoking marijuana and stealing yo' girlfriend".  I concede the bulk of his content still pertains to these 2 subjects, but not inclusively.  Maybe I was just mad cause I was going through a break up @ the time.  Either way this dude has uped his subject matter and sings ultra well. Don't buy this album, just DL it illegally cause that's what the internet's for.

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