Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chikara Photos! Fun Times! Bryce Remsburg!

US Ant! US Ant! View this picture and more!
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey

Do you like independent wrestling, Chikara in specific? Do you appreciate good photography? Do you want to hang out with luminaries such as Bryce Remsburg, Ophidian and possibly myself? Then you're in luck! My shutterbug pal and fellow Chikaraphile Zia Hiltey will be putting her photography on display at Benna's Cafe in South Philly starting September 9th at 7:30 PM in DARK MATCH: An Espectactular Wrestling Themed Photo Show. It'll run through October 13th.

I posted a sampling of Zia's work, and I've actually used her photos on the blog before. Please go out and support her work, because she's cool beans. Plus, who knows whom you might see. Check it out if you're in Philly.

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