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Future Endeavors 8/12 Power Poll: Punk. Cena. YEAH.

1, 2 and two corporate goons
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Welcome to yet another edition of the Future Endeavors Power Poll, a poll ranking wrestlers on a weekly basis based on how awesomely they performed or were portrayed on a Tuesday-to-Monday cycle. It is voted by a who's-who of wrestling bloggers, including my blogging Bro-dongo, PizzaBodySlam. I will list the top ten, and then post and comment on my ballot. Here goes:

1. CM Punk (Last Week: 1)
2. John Cena (2)
3. Christian (3)
4. R-Truth (8)
5. The Miz (9)
6. Daniel Bryan (NR)
7. Sheamus (4)
8. Randy Orton (5)
9. Mark Henry (NR)
10. Kurt Angle (NR)

And now, my ballot:

1. CM Punk - Duh.

2. John Cena - Double duh.

3. The Miz - Channeling Bruiser Brody, the Tasmanian Devil and Jeff Gilooly, Miz set out to rid the world of Rey Mysterio, and he did, at least for Monday night. If wrestling were real, then I'd probably hire Miz to go and take out my foes. At least I'd know the job would get done right.

4. R-Truth - Little Jimmy origin story. Your argument is invalid.

5. Kurt Angle - Winning the Impact Wrestling World Championship and looking like the crazy dude who led the Heaven's Gate cult in the process got him here. If he ends up getting Bischoff, Russo, Dixie and Jarrett to drink some Kool-Aid and "head up on the spaceship", he'd get #1.

6. Mercedes Martinez - She went 73 minutes with Lexus, thus taking that phrase back from lesbian porn.

7. Brian Kendrick - He retained his X-Division Championship at Hardcore Justice. Sadly, I have no sarcastic entry for him.

8. Daniel Bryan - Stock Daniel Bryan ranking

9. Sheamus - I'm amped for his HOSS FIGHT at SummerSlam tomorrow. That doesn't explain why I ranked him, but yeah, I just thought I'd pass that along.

10. Lexus - The other competitor in that 73 minute match. In other news, I'm not sure that the combined time for WWE's Diva matches this year approaches 73 minutes yet, and she and Mercedes topped that in one match. Imagine that.

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