Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rey's Out, Give Hunico a Shot!

Hunico wants YOU to support his full-time move to the RAW roster
Photo Credit: FCW Wrestling.com
So, news came down today that Rey Mysterio's knee injury was a lot more serious than first suspected. He tweeted the news of his surgery, and reports are saying that it'll be 4-6 months before he comes back. It's a shame, given how much of a good verve he's had with both Miz and Alberto del Rio lately, but the man's health is paramount, so yeah, he needs to get on the shelf (and probably needed to do so BEFORE working at SummerSlam). That all being said, his absence leaves a huge hole on the RAW roster, both in fan reaction power and in match quality. While both John Cena and CM Punk bring home the bacon in terms of both of those things, well, having a main event with only two heroes, especially when one is tied up with Kevin Nash and Triple H, can be pretty stale.

The obvious answer would be to toss the ball to either John Morrison or Kofi Kingston (read, throw the ball to Kingston because he doesn't suck and his girlfriend isn't prone to allegedly get him in trouble all the time). I'd throw Evan Bourne into that equation because fuck you, Evan Bourne rules. Alex Riley's another option, if you're braindead and really haven't seen that outside of his first couple of weeks, he hasn't shown anything remotely close to a sign of him showing readiness for anything more than a Superstars main event (wow that was fucking wordy even by my standards). That being said, when one of those guys gets the call to be elevated, that leaves another spot open for a fresh face to come in...

Enter Hunico.

Who is Hunico? You've seen him the last two weeks, only not under his FCW-given name. He's been playing the role of Sin Cara for the last two weeks, and while Mistico will resume that role this week, the developmental luchador has turned some heads in a positive manner. While he wasn't as flashy as Mistico was in the Sin Cara role, let's face it, he looked a lot cleaner and didn't mess as much stuff up. That isn't to say he wasn't exciting either. In fact, I'm more impressed with what he's done because he was able to mix the excitement of being Sin Cara while actually looking able to be a WWE employee.

It's not like he was just some guy they just picked up and threw in the Cara mask either. He's been toiling in FCW for a bit now. He had a match with Seth "Tyler Black" Rollins that got a lot of pub recently, and he's been waiting for a shot to get a callup.

How do you bring him in? Well, you can do it one of two ways. The first way would be to debut him against the RAW job squad on RAW rather than on Superstars. Again, he's looking to be a long-term replacement for Rey Mysterio, a high profile spot as it is. There's a demand for masked luchadors who do cool high-flying stuff. So, you give him a debut match against Primo, work to the next week against Drew McIntyre and then maybe after that, who knows.

The second option would be to debut him in a tag team. As we've been seeing on RAW, the rumors of Triple H wanting to reestablish a tag division are beginning to come to fruition, and Hunico isn't just a singles wrestler down in Tampa. He's actually part of a regular tag team called Los Aviadores with another masked guy known as Epico. You want a real, homegrown tag team that'll bump like crazy for the incoming Kings of Wrestling or even for the underrated Nexus team? These guys are your tandem. It would give Hunico something to do to establish himself, and hey, maybe even Epico is good too, and you've got two future luchador stars, y'know, just in case Mistico flames out eventually.

Either way, the guy deserves a shot on the big stage with his own identity. It's hard to fill in for a guy like Mistico, and Hunico proved that he capable of impersonating someone as a stopgap. So, why not let him be himself and begin to craft his own legacy? I know my curiosity is piqued, and even if fans don't realize he was the replacement Sin Cara, I doubt they'd have a problem gravitating to someone exciting as a replacement for when Mysterio eventually has to retire.

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