Friday, August 12, 2011

He’s Just Not That Into You.

Oh how I hated this movie, but for a slew of reasons. A reason for my dislike was that several of my most loathed actresses were in it. But the super main reason was that it put a lot of questions into my head.

Jennifer Goodwin’s character played a ditsy girl who kept trying to be in a relationship. Then, she befriends this guy (Justin Long) and there seem to be several clues that he is digging her-which he blows her off. He tells her that she was misreading the signals….Then, in the end he realizes that he DOES IN FACT care for her in a more-than-friend kind of way.

Which leads me to believe that Jennifer G was totally reading the signals correctly, or you could say that he was douchingly giving off a misleading vibe. –this is what kills me people. As much as this show totally sucks, and made me feel miserable-there was unfortunately a lot of truth to the crap portrayed.

Men AND women both give off signals that there is interest-and then NOTHING. They just shut off if confronted about these said signals. They deny them or play it off like the other party is cray cray. When the confronted party is in fact a total woosy baby or misleading (with a-hole intentions or not).

NOTE TO EVERYONE: Anyone would rather know that there is no interest, than having problem-romantic-interests shrugging actual feelings under the rug and continue to confuse the other. Did not a wise and tall president say, ‘honesty is the best policy?’ Don’t like em? Hurt their feelings from honesty, leave them alone to cope, and move on to the next victim. If there IS actual interest, grow a pair and do something about it. Your reasons for being shy and guarded are lame excuses at best. Just throw it out there. The worst that could happen is rejection, and rejection is a part of life. Save us from these frustrating portrayals of real life stupidness.

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