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Your Midweek Links: Yes, You Have to Read Bleacher Report Now

Your new fab five
Photo Credit: Bleacher Report
It's hump day, so here are some links to help get you through the rest of the week.


- The Wrestling Podcast is equal parts rasslin and baseball as Jeffrey Paternostro and I talk about Dragon Gate, Alberto del Rio and Sabermetrics. Longest podcast to date. [Episode 16: For Those About to Man Mountain Rock, We Salute You]

- I make my Fair to Flair podcast review, bring up Nitro Parties and elicit a group laugh for my crack against Impact's (lack of a) drug policy [Episode 8: He's Got Great Hair]

- My Fair to Flair article from this past week, why we need to cool it on calling Alberto del Rio one-dimensional and maybe appreciate him for what he is, a WWE rookie whose first year is pretty outstanding. [Alberto del Rio and Taking It Slow]

Wrestling Links:

- Yes, I'm linking to my own site here, but screw you, this is a guest review that I'm quite fond of. Brandon Stroud reviews ACW's latest event. [The Wrestling Blog]

- Another guest blog that I was quite fond of, Jordi Scrubbings compares CM Punk and the onset of the Reality Era to a similar occurrence in horror film making. [The Wrestling Blog]

- My blogging Adrien Bro-dy recaps what went down in his absence as only he can. [PizzaBodySlam]

- Is John Cena a face or a heel? I'd say the answer is, he's a character. [International Object]

- If they don't integrate more wrestlers into the Reality Era, David Shoemaker it may not be so much an era but a footnote as part of the character of CM Punk. [Grantland]

- What is CM Punk's motivation? [Hitting the Mark]

- What's Kevin Nash's deal? He's there to galvanize CM Punk as a good guy, that's what. [Fair to Flair]

- Eric Gargiulo lists five takeaways from the CM Punk/John Cena angle thus far. He's a bit more pessimistic than I am, but hey, it's a good counterweight. [Camel Clutch Blog]

- The Best and Worst of RAW, f/ a shoutout to me. [With Leather]

- Razor's RAW live blog. [Kick-Out!! Wrestling]

- The world's biggest Edge fan gets to meet her idol. [The Muse Manse]

- Tom Warren argues that NXT should morph into the waiting room between FCW and WWE. Not a bad idea, actually. [Tom Watches Wrestling]

- Speaking of NXT, here's Trey Irby waxing romantic about the current eternal season. [Wrestling Theory]

- Justin Henry has a message for Matt Hardy. [Wrestling News Source]

- The XWA Interview [Wrestlegasm]

- Maryse has a hernia. Ouch. [Diva Dirt]

- Nattie Neidhart and Beth Phoenix want booty popping to stop, but they pose for risque pics for the website? Something tells me WWE really doesn't believe in the narrative they're giving the Divas of Doom to sell. [Grapple Kingdom]

- In non-exploitative women's news, there's a big match on the horizon Down Under featuring Madison Eagles, Nicole Matthews and Jessie McKay. DDS has the lowdown on it. [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Yeah, The Rock totally sold a sitcom based on '80s wrestling to NBC. [Warming Glow]

- Foley in talks to come back to WWE and possibly wrestle... not sure how good an idea that is, but I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one. [Cageside Seats]

- CMLL recap, featuring a .gif with a guy dressed as a chicken. [Luchablog]

- Mistico's return to TV as Sin Cara is so good they wanted him to do the same match over again. Oh wait, you mean it wasn't because they wanted an encore? [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- New blog! We Watch Wrestling is new and they're good. Here's their profile on Alex Reynolds. [We Watch Wrestling]

- Want to make Wrestlespective Radio better? Let Jason Mann know! [Wrestlespective]

Jamie Dobson Interviews:

No new interviews this week.

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Bleacher Report realized it had terrible content, so it went out and got some of the best writers on the Internet to be their lead writers in a bold new initiative that looks to raise the game in online sports journalism and opinion writing. Put the feeds in your RSS reader, folks. Dan Levy [Wide Left] Josh Zerkle [The Go Route] Bethlehem Shoals [Court Vision] Dan Rubenstein [Your Best 11] Matt Miller [Huge Upside]

- As a counterbalance though, Larry Brown argues that B/R is going to have to do a WHOLE lot more to fix its reputation (Although you can RSS the above five and just get the good content). [Larry Brown Sports]

- Hey, remember that earthquake yesterday? Yeah, while it didn't destroy much of anything, it was good for some high comedy on Twitter. [UPROXX]

- Apparently, Tiger Woods is the worst celebrity tipper in the world right now. At least he can win something! [The Post Game]

- What killed Miami? Money, it's always money. [Seventh Floor Blog]

- Al Golden left Temple for a plum job in Miami. Yeah, about that... [Dr. Saturday]

- Why does this Texas A&M-leaving-the-SEC talk sound so familiar? [TAMU 24/7]

- Even more college football, Drew Magary has your hater's guide to the top 25. In case you had trouble conjuring bile for kids playing football, of course. [Deadspin]

- Nike is not content with just fucking with Oregon's uniforms anymore [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Sandra Lee groping herself. Yep. [Food Network Humor]

- Castro and Plichter take a pizza challenge. Do they win? It's a tough one. [Doughboys]

- The most popular restaurants check-ins on Facebook are Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings? I FOR ONE AM SHOCKED AND APPALLED!!!exclamationpoint1 [Gawker]

- Just when you think they're getting soft, those [SQUAWK]in' smart Canucks come back with something like Big Mac sausages. Don't be a hater, hater. [Epic Meal Time]

- Fox News may suck, but Andy Levy is full of fucking own right here. [Imgur Gallery]

- Why do most Americans hate economics? Probably because you hate what you don't understand. [First Thoughts]

- "It wasn't gay, it was just wild sex with a male prostitute." [Indy Star]

- Wanna feel old? Read this then. [Buzz Feed]

- Want to win at the casino? Microcameras are the answer. [Boing Boing]

- Pat Summit was diagnosed with early-onset dementia this week. Holly Anderson writes that Summit doesn't want your pity. []

- Abby Wambach singlehandedly brings the US Women's National Soccer team to the World Cup finals, and the best advertisement she gets is fucking Magic Jack? STEP UP YOUR GAME, ADVERTISERS, GAWD. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- Pokemon is NOT supposed to be this sexy. [Unreality Mag]

- Charlie Manuel drops the F-bomb on live radio. [The Fightins]

- Jonah Keri outlines his plan for the Cubs to stop sucking. [Grantland]

- Ten greatest roles of nerd icon Lance Henriksen [Topless Robot]

- New poster for the cult film Swamp Thing [Blast-o-Rama]

- Michael Fassbender as Magneto in drag. It's a deleted scene too. Christ, if I looked that good in a cocktail dress, you bet your sweet ass I'd have petitioned to have that scene in the actual movie. [Film Drunk]

- How adults play online games [The Oatmeal]

- Eight things that stopped suicides, or, if you're a pretty woman and see a dude looking to leap to his death? Make out with him, you might save his life. [Cracked]

- Haha, it's funny because herbal tea isn't tea at all. [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- Metal bras, just in case you're going into a war zone and want to look damn stylish. [Gamma Squad]

- The funny thing about that? That number is a Lancaster Co., PA area code. Wait a second, no, that's not the funny part at all. [Skull Swap]

- 49ers owner Jed York blames shootings at a preseason game on the fact that the regular season isn't 18 games long. Sure, and my dog poops diamond encrusted scepters. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- Ten other thoughts from the weekend in the NFL preseason [With Leather]

- Will his wife's health scare make Matt Cooke stop gooning it up? [Puck Daddy]

- Did Jay-Z and Kanye West illegally sample someone on their Watch the Throne album? [The Smoking Section]

- Dave Letterman to terrorist death threats: "Pfft, NBD" [Warming Glow]

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