Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow Friday: Thank Yous

This week, I had something lined up, but I really don't feel like writing about the wrestlers I had listed. So instead, I'm going to give shoutouts to the people who gave me Follow Friday mentions today on Twitter. Is it lazy? Maybe, but you know what? FUCK YOU IT'S MY BLOG... err... I mean, uh, here they are:

@Shake_Well - Joe Drilling of the On the Stick and Action Cast podcasts is a really cool dude. You should follow him because he's got some good POVs on wrestling (he wrote for the first Fair to Flair quarterly) and he's part of a weird cadre of Brewers fans who follow me (and I follow in kind) on Twitter. Weird.

@NateLinehan - A Boston area Twitterer, Nate is also an aficianado of The Simpsons, hot dogs and of course, wrestling. He shares the same disdain for Triple H and the same respect for the women wrestlers.

@HittheRopes - The official Twitter of the podcast by the same name, they're always a lively account to follow on Monday nights. Check 'em out!

@OkoriWadsworth - He's one of my Twitter followers who likes himself some indie wrestling and like me, doesn't see what the big deal is with Mercedes Martinez. He's also a self-proclaimed Michigan Man, though without the Michigan education

@NotTripleH - This faux-Trips paid me a pretty good compliment by calling me a very talented writer. I'm not sure what blog he's been reading... ahh, I keed, I keed. This account isn't for the weak-stomached. He says a lot of stuff that's intentionally offensive, but 99% of it is really funny, I think.

@WrestleChatNet - WCN, run by Brett Clendaniel, Jr. with writing from Jeff Peck was featured last week, but I'll feature them again. They're probably the best C&P site out there, mainly because there's no malware or viruses. Plus, they support me and post my blogs with links back. They're good friends to me over there.

@wrestlespective - He's just some guy.

...nah, if you guys don't know who Jason Mann is by now, then yeah, you're probably a new reader here. He's the founder and spiritual sherpa for Fair to Flair as well as the emcee of the Wrestlespective Radio podcast, which is wrapping up its SummerSlam main event series.

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