Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Want Seth Mates to Book the Punk/Trips Storyline

Under Mates' plan, we'd see a lot more Big Sexy
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Seth Mates is a former WWE Creative Team member. He took to Twitter to criticize the main angle with CM Punk, Triple H, Kevin Nash and such as "messy", saying simplicity is the key. He then went into how he'd book the whole thing. It's really quite brilliant. Here are the links to his Tweets, and here's the whole thing transcribed:
Here's a thought on where I'd go with the story, if these are the pieces in place. Reveal Nash as the Raw GM and bring in HBK for SmackDown. Keep Stephanie as HHH ally. Then [d]o a seg w/HHH, Nash, Michaels, Steph in ring. HHH cuts promo about Shane leaving WWE, Linda running for Senate (ha!), Vince pushed out, then HHH says "and now plan comes to fruition. After years, I have what I need - the company is mine. And Stephanie - you're fired! Story is, HHH/Michaels/Nash been collaborating for years to screw McMahons & steal [the] company, strategically getting rid of 1 McMahon at a time, [l]eading up to HHH firing his own wife and taking full control with each of his buddies running one of the shows. They mess with Punk b/c he represents everything they hate -- and he becomes the white knight and savior of company.
Yeah, that may be fantasy booking, but it's good fantasy booking from a guy who used to be in the business. This wouldn't be the only satisfying conclusion to the story, but I think it'd be the best way to set up a complex authority figure structure. Granted, it would very much depend on the authority figures wrestling, and HBK could balk at that. That being said, he could easily be replaced by Sean Waltman, who proved at King of Trios he could still go.

I could also see where this is problematic as well, but it has promise. I really like the way he thinks, at least regarding this angle.

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