Thursday, August 25, 2011

Future Endeavors 8/24 Power Poll: ...BAAAAAHT Chu Already Knew That

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Welcome to yet another edition of the Future Endeavors Power Poll, a poll ranking wrestlers on a weekly basis based on how awesomely they performed or were portrayed on a Tuesday-to-Monday cycle. It is voted by a who's-who of wrestling bloggers, including my blogging Bro-nan the Bar-bro-nian (credit Vince Mancini of Film Drunk), PizzaBodySlam. I will list the top ten, and then post and comment on my ballot. Here goes:

1. Alberto Del Rio (Last Week: 1)
2. Mark Henry (NR)
3. Randy Orton (3)
4. CM Punk (2)
5. John Cena (4)
6. The Ghan-Am Connection (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) (credit: Brandon Stroud) (NR)
7. John Morrison (NR)
8. Daniel Bryan (8)
9. Kevin Nash (9)
10. The Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) (NR)

And now, my ballot!

1. Alberto del Rio - He makes the cross armbreaker look suave.

2. El Generico - Your 2011 Battle of Los Angeles winner. No word yet on whether he'll be entering any other events named after Rage against the Machine albums this year or not.

3. Mark Henry - He threw an Uso onto Booker T. OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO BE HERE.

4. CM Punk - Mostly for how stylishly he wore del Rio's scarf after the match.

5. John Cena - I would have docked him for openly exposing del Rio as a gimmick, but he won me over in the main event. Also, because I don't vote on this thing like I'm Bryan Alvarez with a log wedged up my ass about shit like that.

6. Daniel Bryan - Stock Daniel Bryan ranking.

7. Evan Bourne - America > Ghana, that's why

8. Kofi Kingston - But I guess Ghana's snazzy too.

9. Shawn Vexx - He beat Jerry Lynn in Texas this past weekend, and I quite enjoy it when young men beat the crap out of our senior citizens.

10. Arik Cannon - Defeated Steve Corino at the AAW main event this weekend. However, I'm not sure if he avoided the Thumb in the Bum, so I can't rank him any higher than 10th.

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