Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Programming Note: Spotlight on Indie Wrestling Tomorrow Night

New Jersey's Nigerian Nightmares, one of the acts featured
Photo Credit: NGT
So, National Geographic in the past has looked at wrestling, specifically, the Bolivian lucha libre scene in their actual magazine. This time, they're running a special on their channel called Slammed: Inside Indie Wrestling. The show airs tomorrow night, that's Wednesday, August 24th, at 10 PM. If you have digital cable or satellite TV, you probably get the National Geographic Channel, but if you don't, I'd say call your cable company and ask politely for it, because let's face it, if you demand it, you'll probably raise your blood pressure, and your doctor told you that you should stop doing that.

You can get all the overview you need by clicking the above link to see if this is something you'd be interested in. I think though that you should watch it though, especially if you want to get a look inside the world of indie wrestling, the hardships these guys go through just to make a few shekels and get a glimmer of hope that maybe, Triple H's scouts or someone from Orlando/Nashville likes what they see. Also, it's not all that often that a publication as classy and respected as National Geographic takes a look at wrestling in a positive light, so yeah, that alone is worth your time.

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