Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four of PWG's Finest Received a WWE Tryout Last Night

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Two of the WWE's tryouts last night
I mused on Twitter last night that I thought I saw Scorpio Sky among the throng of security installed to keep CM Punk from attacking Kevin Nash last night. Apparently, I wasn't dreaming, as Sky was in attendance at RAW last night. According to Mike Johnson of The Site That Shall Not Be Linked (PW Insider for those new to the blog), Sky as well as Joey Ryan and the Young Bucks all received tryouts last night before the show.

This is huge news, although in the case of the Bucks, not surprising, as Triple H seems to want to bolster the tag ranks. Both the Bucks and the teaming of Ryan and Sky as The Dynasty would be tasty additions to the tag team division from where I sit. My guess is that there'll be a long hard look at body types. Then again, if Trips is all for pushing Daniel Bryan and seems to be going all in on CM Punk, maybe the mindset that bodybuilders are the only potential stars as an institutional condition of stardom is going out the window.

Hopefully, at least someone gets signed out of this though.

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