Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Todd Grisham Follows in the Footsteps of Jonathan Coachman

Via Cageside Seats via Twitter

Todd Grisham, the often maligned but still too-plain-for-WWE announcer, has taken a job with ESPN. He's the second WWE announcer to take a job with the Worldwide Leader in the last three years, with Jonathan Coachman jumping ship in 2009. Grisham had announced for both ECW and Smackdown before being shunted away on NXT lately. I always found him to be serviceable, a calm counterbalance to his usual broadcast partner Matt Striker's overbearing bombast. Still, I can see why someone would think he never quite fit in WWE. Anyway, at least his home office won't be changing states. Good luck and godspeed, Mr. Grisham.

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