Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random, lower budget shows seem to really out do the Blockbusters (9 times out of 10)

I am a big ol’ fan of summer movies-WAY more to choose from, usually bigger budgets, bigger actors, lots of comic movies that are taking over, franchises are often released in the summer, and I can enjoy all of these lovely movies at one of my favorite place ever-THE DRIVE IN. Don’t be gross, I go for the movies, and the ambiance.

There are, however, the forgotten little guys that really outshine at times. I love when lower budget movies get some buzz, then everyone tries to be hip and cool and go see what the critics are raving about.

Crazy. Stupid. Love. You get everything you need to know, out of the title. Would I ever own this show? Oh hells no-no that impressed. VERY predictable. Did I enjoy parts? Yes, yes I did. Why? Because of Ryan Gosling’s parts. Yes, I went there. He is super duper attractive, and that boy CAN ACT (attractive and can act, reminds me of little guy named Daniel Day-Lewis). But his most recent released flick isn’t the movie I want to discuss today. It’s a fairly recent one-‘Lars and the Real Girl.’

Many of you perhaps, are like, ‘what the hey hoo?!’ That’s right. Imagine a young man, a loner, living next to his brother and pregnant sister in law. He doesn’t talk to many people and avoids social situations like the plague. One day, he announces his girlfriend, a pen pal from another country is coming to their town…to his family’s dismay realize that the women he is referring to is an adult doll. The town doctor says to go along with it, so they can find out the real reasons Lars is doing what he’s doing. His family, and the entire town play along with Lars’ illusion to help him cope with his childhood issues.

This show is super well acted by Hottie Mac Hotterson (Ryan Gosling, and supporting cast) and according to my Dr. besty, it is very accurate in portraying his illness and treatment. This show has it all-drama drama drama, some comic relief, and of course-a bit of the romancin.’

‘Lars and the Real Girl’ is just a reminder that you don’t have to have massive names and big directors to make a wonderful movie. But some eye candy doesn’t hurt in the initial appeal. 

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