Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top 10 Worst Actresses Ever, because they suck at more than just acting!—no particular order of course

I've been thinking lately...the injustice of the overpaid actresses out there that totally suck. I wanted to acknowledge some of them now...

1) Taylor Swift-‘Valentines Day’- aka “biggest waste of money in 2010” she is as terrible an actress as she is a siner

2) Hilary Duff-why did she get super massive fake teeth-she looks creepin.’ She is either one of the worst actresses ever, or has the worst taste in roles ever.

3) Jennifer Aniston-her in everything is awful, only exception is ‘Horrible Bosses.’ She is ALWAYS Rachel Green.

4) Olsen Twins-they only get cred for one slot. Besides, who can really tell the difference between the two? They are basically interchangeable.

5) Katie Holmes-Mrs. Tom Cruise? Freak ya, you see ‘Batman Begins?’ She is crap. No doubt she thought that marrying him would get her bigger roles. Talk about a total backfire. Her voice is excruciating to listen to.

6) Vanessa Hudgens-talk about gosh awful. I have old socks with more charisma.

7) Julia Roberts-that’s right. I said what a lot of you are thinking. Perhaps not the WORST, but for sure over rated if anything. When was the last time she did a good job in anything? I pity actors that have to kiss her in films-gross.

8) Kristen Stewart-Bella Swan is not a complex character to portray, and yet K-Stew completely botches even THAT role. What a disgrace. When she pretends she’s having a nightmare…it makes me want to kill myself.

9) Mandy Moore-Again, with the terrible voices—and this girl has a lisp. Plus, she is always freaking singing in her movies. You wanna be taken seriously Mandy, DON’T SING in a movie that you want to spotlight your acting skills. So bleeping lame.

10) Scarlett Johanssen- she is so off/on with me. Sometimes she can be pretty, and then sometimes hideous. But her acting has gotta go. She also has crap for taste when it comes to movie roles. Super overrated. My boyfriend, R Reynolds is sooo better off

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