Friday, August 12, 2011

Jimmy Wang Yang's Impact Paycheck Is Made of Rubber

So, Jimmy Wang Yang wrestled for Impact last month, reprising his Flying Elvis gimmick during the whole Destination X tournament for a contract. It probably was a nice, one-off payment for the wrestler who hasn't worked much in terms of visible projects in the domestic indies since being released from WWE, right? In theory it was. Turns out JWY is waiting to get paid. He sent this missive via Twitter last night:
It has been over 6 weeks since i wrestles for tna and i still havent been paid and the check that they sent me 2 weeks ago bounced WTF!!!!!
If you can't wade through the poor grasp of English (probably not his first language, so yeah, not mocking him there), then the gist is, he's playing the role of ECW employee circa 2000 and Impact is Paul Heyman, amateur accountant. His paycheck bounced and they still haven't paid him for his work.

I'm very curious to know whether his was the only check that bounced or whether others had the same problem. My guess is it was an oversight, because, good Lord, it's not like Panda Energy is wanting for cash to pay out to people who appear on the televised product of one of their subsidiary brands. There was a mistake, which happens. However, the fact that they haven't fixed that mistake yet would be troubling to someone who didn't know the history of Impact Wrestling's human resources ineptitude. It's par for the course here.

In the interest of fairness, of course, we don't know if Wang Yang is only taking to Twitter for this for a cheap plug or whether he's done anything constructive about it before taking it to social media, but c'mon now. With all the other stories that have come out about how shitty Impact is run, who are you more likely to believe, the guy complaining publicly for the first time or the company that has featured a wrestler going on food stamps and one of their Champions working at Sunglass Hut to make ends meet? Thought so.

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