Thursday, August 11, 2011

Impact Wrestling Growing a Set? (Re: Hardys)

Via Cageside Seats

So apparently, Matt and Jeff Hardy haven't made their way back to Impact Wrestling because management is sticking by their demands for them to go to rehab. In the interest of fairness, Matt has denied those reports over Twitter, but at the same time, he's not the most trustworthy source himself, given that he has such an adversarial nature with "the dirtsheets" that he could urinate in a fountain, have TMZ capture video of it and then deny it anyway after Meltzer disseminated it to his readers.

That being said, if this is true, and Impact is standing by their insistence on rehab, it shows that they're taking a huge step in the right direction. Even as recently as five months ago, when Jeff worked a "match" visibly under the influence of some controlled substance at a PPV main event, the former TNA's commitment to a healthy, safe workplace was called into question. That they'll stand up to the most egregious drug users on the roster is a step in the right direction, because in the past, they hadn't shown a willingness to do even that.

However, if they cave and bring the Hardys back WITHOUT any rehab, then it's an epic fail, but for now, and I stress that these are just reports without any primary sources, this is somewhat good news.

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