Friday, August 19, 2011

Follow Friday: The Last Five Guests I Had on the Podcast

I was going to tell you to follow William Regal today, but in all honesty, you don't need me to prod you to follow Regal, because you probably already are. From here on out, I'm probably just going to feature wrestlers you don't know or folks in the Twitterati/blogosphere who are cool and deserve your follows. Why? Because WWE really doesn't need my help getting the Twitter word out there, and they get behind everyone, from the cool guys (Regal, John Cena, Zack Ryder, CM Punk, etc.) to the utter tools (Goldust, Michael Cole etc.). So, yeah, to start the newly refreshed view on this, here are the last five guests on The Wrestling Podcast, all of whom are cool in their own way:
  • Jeff Paternostro (@jeffpaternostro) - Jeff is the latest and longest-winded guest to date. When he's talkin' baseball and 'rasslin' on the Podcast, he's writing about baseball at Amazin' Avenue, the SB Nation blog about the New York Mets. His favorite things, aside from rooting for a team that crushes his very soul, are Toryumon-influenced puroresu, hipster music and the San Francisco 49ers.

  • Trey Irby (@WrestlingTheory and @treyirby) - The former handle is for his wrestling related tweets and the latter is in general. Anyway, he writes the Tumblog Wrestling Theory as well as hosts a local Tuscaloosa radio show called The Long Tide. Like Paternostro, he loves his hipster music. Unlike Paternostro, he's still in school, so he's not too jaded... yet.

  • Spencer Hall (@edsbs) - If you're not following the great and powerful Orson Swindle now, after all the times I've told you on here and on Twitter itself, then either you don't like college football or you're a monster who doesn't like to laugh. His blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, is a must read for all wrestling fans, and he's great for a quirky, cracked-out-by-his-own-admission musings all year long. Today, he was getting the base riled up by posting punnish tweets with hashtags that rhyme with Internet-era portmanteau "humblebrag".

  • The Great and Mysterious flubby (@flubby) - His real name redacted for professional reasons, the Flubster is one of now five members of the irreverent NFL bloggers at Kissing Suzy Kolber. While he may not post as much as his brethren there, he is worth following due to his witticisms from time to time. Plus, his Tumblr, the Sugar Sheet, and his Google Reader share-cache are really cool treasure troves of wacky .gifs and other random columns.

  • Tom Kingsmill (@WetOREO)Finally, Tom is a really good real life friend of mine who lives horror, bad wrestling, television and '90s music. Visit his occasionally updated blog, Last Blog on Dead End Street, where he'll write about all kinds of stuff in the horror genre.
So there you go, your Follow Friday for this week. Follow all these people, or else I will hunt you down and maim you*

*- Not really, but follow these people anyway.

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