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Your Midweek Links: SummerSlam and College Football

Relive the HOSS FIGHT! through reviews of SummerSlam!
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It's hump day, so here are a few links to get you through the rest of the week.


- Hey, I wrote a review of SummerSlam. Yeah, it was on here, but I feel so strongly about it, I want you to read it again! Or for the first time! [Big Sexy Destiny: WWE SummerSlam 2011 Review]

- Me and Trey Irby of Wrestling Theory dish about SummerSlam, college football, CM Punk and why Lagana needs to slow his roll on TWP. [Episode 15: 1-2-3 Kid A]

- My Camel Clutch Blog piece, on how WWE should treat its tag division going forward so that the Kings of Wrestling (and others) aren't dead in the water before they even debut. [Rebuilding the WWE Tag Division Is Going to Take Some Work]

- My Fair to Flair piece from the past week, which could also be titled "My 20 year old wrestling fan self will hate me for writing this and wonder where I went astray" [Learning to Forgive Triple H]

- TWB didn't make the final list (BOO!), but the Camel Clutch Blog did for Philly's Most Valuable Blogger. Vote once a day, because Eric's good people and deserves some more recognition. [Philly's Most Valuable Blogger]

Wrestling Links:

- The top 24 matches in SummerSlam history, printed before Sunday. I imagine if this were being done next year, it'd have at least two if not three or four more additions to it from Sunday. [Kick-Out!! Wrestling]

- Michelle Beadle and Gus Ramsey review SummerSlam... your argument, she is invalid, no? [ESPN]

- Scott Bowden's SummerSlam thoughts and a mini-tribute to Eddie Gilbert [Kentucky Fried Rasslin]

- Five Good Things about SummerSlam [Grapple Kingdom]

- Andre Harrison's look at SummerSlam [The Harrison Analysis]

- The SummerSlam main event podcast series, all 23 episodes. Why? Because all of them are good, that's why. [Wrestlespective]

- Best and Worst of SummerSlam... [With Leather]

- ...and also the Best and Worst of RAW! [With Leather]

- Diary of the worst segment of 2011. [Wrestling Theory]

- The AV Club is reviewing RAW now? Christ, maybe wrestling IS cool again... [The AV Club]

- Kevin Nash flashback: Pinning Bob Backlund in seconds for his first WWF Championship [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- Cameron Riley steals a blog topic that I had planned for tomorrow and writes about it excellently. Re: Jay Lethal beating El Generico in El G's first TV Title defense [Musings of a Mark]

- How to enjoy pro wrestling. Hint, it's not like the way Bryan Alvarez "enjoys" pro wrestling. [International Object] [EXTRA PODCAST LINK: Episode 29 w/ Mikey Llorin]

- Worst wrestling Twitter users, or, who NOT to follow. [Camel Clutch Blog]

- Justin Henry on what WWE is giving you right now. Hint, it's a lot. [Wrestling News Source]

- More Justin Henry! The Summer of Punk is still going strong, folks. [Wrestling News Source]

- Beth Phoenix is a mighty fine plan B if you ask me. [Ring Belles]

- Money in the Bank, the new Royal Rumble? [Fair to Flair]

- The Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names [Geekosystem]

- DDS interview with Reggie Bennett [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Linda Hogan says that Hulk and Brutus Beefcake were bangin'. Normally, I don't pay attention to what she has to say, but this is just too funny not to at least give the once over to, even if I don't for a second believe it. [Radar Online]

- Given some of the stuff Vince McMahon has tried to foist on WWE audiences, I'm shocked he didn't go for a hermaphrodite character to feud with the Women's Champion. LEGIT SHOCKED. [Diva Dirt]

- A mini dressed in a bird costume doing a top rope tope to the outside? YES. [Luchablog]

- John Cena doesn't associate himself as a heel or face, and that's refreshing. [Cageside Seats]

- Dutch Mantell talks with Dave Lagana. [I Want Wrestling]

- Colt Cabana's latest guest is Johnny Curtis. A great interview, just in case you wanted a reason to like him after not really being drawn in by how he's being presented on Smackdown currently. [Art of Wrestling Podcast]

Jamie Dobson Interviews:

- AR Fox

- Rexx Reed

- Bryan Maddox

- "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews

Non-Wrestling Links:

- This is a brilliant idea. SECesssion is something I can get behind, and will get more behind tomorrow on This Week in Off-Topic. Call this "homework" then. [Dan Shanoff]

- Speaking of SECession, a timeline of the action that sparked all this talk anyway, in MSPaint format. [Prevail and Ride]

- And SECession might not even be the biggest story right, seeing as The U is looking to be in deep shit. [Dr. Saturday]

- But enough about team-poaching and scandal, a look back on one of the true great coaches, stepping down after this season. [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Meat shield? Could have used more meat, but it's cool, yo. [Epic Meal Time]

- Speaking of Epic Meal Time, looks like this photo recipe for 2 AM Chili was inspired by the spirit of our friends from up North. [Imgur Gallery]

- Review of Vince's Pizza, just in case any of you Philly Pholk or visitors want the 411 on where to get one of the best slices in the city [Doughboys]

- The Taxonomy of Hyrule. Essential for all Zelda fans. [The Uniblog]

- The worst failures in beverage history. Not listed yet, Slurm. Because it hasn't been invented yet, see? [Time]

- A cautionary tale for fans: Be careful your words when criticizing another player. [The 700 Level]

- Why is the only person who wants to give libertarian Ron Paul a fair shake in the media an ultra-leftist comedian? [The Atlantic Wire]

- Could you beat Kobe Bryant in a game of beer pong? [Deadspin]

- Speaking of Kobe, don't bug him at church [The Smoking Section]

- An explanation of sabermetrics, or at least a dissertation on where us baseball statheads come from, via Ryan Howard and a New York Times article that blasted him as "not elite" [Crashburn Alley]

- Jim Thome hits homerun 600, gets endorsement offer from condom company [With Leather]

- Workplace rage turned into profit [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- This .gif will make your day, unless you REALLY hate sharks. [F Yeah Sharks!]

- I'd like to see the pudding face on this guy, probably enough to last him his entire trip. [Afternoon Snooze Button]

- You wanna chat? Hold up, I'm on my phone... psych. [Wired]

- Your handy guide to the Next Food Network Star finale, whether you watched or not. [Food Network Humor]

- House of PUNTE, f/ Danny McBride casting a Presidential piece of homoerotic cinema [House of PUNTE]

- A plan on how to make the shootout less dreadful [Puck Daddy]

- Wait, you mean Aileen Wournos wasn't hot in real life like Charlize Theron? And 19 other summarily uglier real life folks than their actors portraying them [Unreality Mag]

- FUCK YO WEIGHT LOSS... you were funnier/better when you were fat. [Pajiba]

- Homemade NKOTB sweaters. In other news, the cracking sound you hear is the sixth seal of the apocalypse about ready to burst. [Craftzine]

- Scientists find a planet that reflects no light. [Gamma Squad]

- Woman forces 6-year old daughter to film her having sex. The sound you hear is of me wanting to go and beat the shit out of this woman. [Buzz Feed]

- Woman beats son for having Facebook page. In other news, I wish Matt Hardy's mom would beat him for having a Twitter account. [Insane Asylum Blog]

- Sometimes, the minor differences mean a lot. [The Oatmeal]

- America may have its flaws, but believe me... we have it real good here. [Cracked]

- Simmons' Summer of Mailbag [Grantland]

- Hunter S. Thompson didn't like Rolling Stone one bit. [Film Drunk] [EXTRA PODCAST LINK: Frotcast, Ep. 60]

- A Lewboski reunion! [Uproxx]

- Matt Ufford's on vacation this week, but don't worry, they got a suitable sex bag replacement for him and two days early too! [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- Five minutes with CC Sabathia [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- Fun with NBC's new show taglines [Warming Glow]

- Bleacher Report's honest new design [Sports Pickle]

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